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  • 1,500-1,700 clergy leave the ministry each month.

  • 83% of clergy spouses want their spouse to leave pastoral ministry.

  • 50% of the ministers starting out will not last 5 years; 90% will not stay in ministry long enough to reach the age of retirement.

  • 80% believe pastoral ministry has hurt their families tremendously.

  • 70% do not have someone they consider a close friend; but 84% of pastors desire to have close fellowship with someone they can trust and confide in.

  • 27% of pastors report having no one to turn to for help in a crisis.

Pastoring and leading in ministry can be one of the most rewarding...and most heart-breaking callings there is!  There are great joys and great griefs--and sometimes vicious attacks!  Who "shepherds" the shepherd when he is in need? 
With God's help and grace, we want to help be the one.

Ray serves with Standing Stone Ministry
to provide trusted, confidential relationships without charge.



Ray shares his story...
1,500 to 1,7oo pastors leave their church every month (most forced out)!  Many leave the ministry never to return again. But I had never been there myself--until now that is. Now I’ve been there twice--in the late 90's and again in 2021.  It does leave you bruised and battered, but there is hope and healing...

I invite you to read my book as I share with you how God took me and my family through a church coup and allowed us to see His goodness. It’s the story of one miracle after another in the midst of the pain! What others meant for evil, God used for good.

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