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Pastor Ray has served as a pastor for 4o years, and is currently serving as a pastor to terminally ill patients (seeing over 150 deaths per year). In those years, he has learned some key truths and principles about death and families that are grieving in the midst of it.  In this 6-Session Seminar, called GriefCare, he shares those truths. Pastor Ray can share this seminar in your church or retreat.  
  • Truths of Grief

  • Factors of Grief

  • The Emotions & Effects of Grief

  • Challenges of the Death of a:

    • Parent​

    • Spouse

    • Sibling

    • Child

    • Loved One by Suicide

  • What Keeps the Pain Alive

  • How Do I Move Forward

  • Day to Day Help

Pastor Ray teaches GriefCare in his community of Bardstown, KY, centrally located between Louisville, Lexington, and Elizabethtown.

May 2 - June 6, Thursdays @ 6:30 pm
Bardstown Baptist Church, N. 3rd & Brashear, Bardstown, KY
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