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Sometimes it helps to have someone come in and share with your leadership, or your entire Body, biblical truths that you have been wanting them to "get."  Read below to learn more about emphases that can be taught in a Sunday, weekend, or special event setting.  

In our services, we offer personal coaching and church consultation to help bring "dry bones back to life."  A summary of each service is listed below and other services can be customized for your need.

"As a part of our pastoral team for 16 years, Ray demonstrated a pastor's heart and a love for the Word by his life and his ministry.  He loves people and loves to see them grow in the Lord.  He's also a great teacher!  I recommend him highly to your church."    -Pastor Walter Price


Becoming a Contagious Christian: Lifestyle Evangelism

This 6-session course, based on Lee Strobel's book, helps believers know how to share their faith in everyday life and gives them the tools to do it--allowing them to be themselves and still share powerfully.  ​We'll cover:

  • Being Yourself & Impacting Others

  • Deepening Your Relationships & Conversations

  • Telling Your Story

  • Communicating God's Message

  • Dealing with the Tough Questions

This is perfect for a weekend retreat or weekend seminar setting.  

The Anatomy of

a Revived Church

This seminar is based on Thom Rainer's book The Anatomy of a Revived Church that looked at hundreds of churches headed toward death, but turned around. We will look at the 7 common findings:

  1. Accepted Responsibility

  2. Overcame the Traps of Tradition

  3. Expanded the Scorecard

  4. Committed to Powerful Prayer

  5. Dealt with Toxins

  6. Sought "Silver Bullets" No More

  7. Chose Meaningful Membership

This is a perfect weekend retreat or seminar for the church's leadership and key players.  There is hope!

A Biblical Picture

of Marriage

The family is under attack like no other time in history, and the church is directly affected by the health of the family!  In this six-session seminar, we will look at the foundational truths for any marriage:

  1. Leave. Cleave. One.

  2. Helper. Lover.

  3. Leader. Submitter.

  4. Talk to Me.

  5. Money. Money. Money.

  6. In-laws. Outlaws.

This can be taught in a weekend setting or a multi-session one-day event.

Ray is a CERTIFIED FACILITATOR for SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts)

Prayer, the Armor of God,

and the Battle

Whether you're part of a growing, thriving church or a church in desperate need of revitalization, you are in the midst of a battle--a spiritual battle.  In this seminar, we will look at what Scripture says about the spiritual battle and how prayer plays such an important role.  We will also talk at length about the armor of God in Ephesians 6 and it's connection to prayer and everyday life.

This seminar would be perfect for your leadership or your entire Body . It can be taught in a weekend setting or in a shorter version as a one-day event.

Lessons from the

Church in Acts

Join us for the birth of the early church and be reminded of God's heart and purpose of the church!  Learn the joys and sorrows of the church.  Learn the ministry and mission of the early church.  From this study leaders and the members learn who the church should be and what she should be about.

This seminar could be for your leaders or for your entire Body.  It can be done in a one-day setting or in a weekend retreat/seminar setting.

The Essentials of Prayer

Prayer may be the greatest indicator of our dependence on God and is a must-factor in any church coming back to "life!"  No church is healthy without a vibrant prayer life.  So, we'll look at the "Model Prayer" of Jesus' and the truths and principles behind each part.  This "model prayer" becomes a perfect outline for the elements of prayer that should make up our own prayer life.  This seminar is a good start for those who are new to prayer, those who are timid in their prayer life, or those who just want to "get back to the basics."  

This is perfect for a Friday & Saturday retreat or it could be used as a one-day event on Saturday or Sunday.

Lessons from 

the Old Testament

The Old Testament is filled with amazing lessons for the church--whether you're looking at the life of Joseph or Joshua, or looking at the time of the Judges, or walking with Joshua into the Promised Land. 


This seminar can be a Sunday morning and evening event, a one-day event with multiple sessions, or even a full weekend event.  The choice is yours. The more time we have, the more truths we can share.

- samples of Ray teaching for churches -


Coaching and Mentoring Concept. Chart wi

Coaching & Mentoring

We all need someone to come along side us at times.  Ministry can be difficult, but it's much easier when we don't walk alone.  With 35 plus years of ministry experience in multiple ministry roles and as a husband of 36 plus years (with 4 kids), Ray would love to come along side you and help.  He has a heart to be a pastor to the pastor.

  • Preaching & Teaching Coach

  • Spiritual Mentor

  • Ministry Mentor

  • Family Mentor

  • Accountability Partner

Contact us and let's talk about a price that fits your budget and need.

Group of people holding hands praying wo

Customized Consultations

One can choose to focus on one or several of the areas listed in the complete consultation if they'd like.  For example:

  • Community assessment

  • Facility evaluation

  • "Secret Guest" perspective

  • Key metrics evaluation

  • Church health survey

  • Security evaluation

  • And more 

Pricing would vary based on the size of the church and what specific area the church would want to focus on.

Hand holding piece of jigsaw puzzle with

Mission, Vision, Strategy

So often churches struggle because they are unclear on their mission and vision. When this is unclear, churches tend to drift or abandon their purpose.  Let us meet with you and your leadership team to help lead you to discover what your mission and vision are.  From there, we can begin to help you strategize how to do the ministry God has called you to do.

The price varies depending on the length of time needed and the size of the church.  Contact us for more details.

Young man comforting crying sad woman, caring friend consoling upset girl in tears, loving

Grief Care

As a pastor to terminally ill patients, Ray has dealt with grief again and again among patients and their families.  Ray can train your leaders in "how to comfort those in grief" or lead a "GriefCare" Seminar for your church body.


From 1st Time Guest to Small Group Involvement

Let us help you with your assimilation process--from following up with your first time guests to moving members into small groups to help make them fully committed disciples.  Statistics tell us that how you follow up on guest does make a difference and that members are five times more likely to remain in the church if they get involved in a small group.

We can focus on the whole process or just one or two aspects.  Price varies.

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