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I have known Ray Johnson since he was a college student. Ray was one of my top leaders in helping guide and grow a large and dynamic college ministry within a church setting. He was highly committed, faithful, hard-working, energetic, and creative. He also displayed a godly spirit that was manifested in a dynamic personal relationship and what today we call high EQ. Ray is also committed to God's Word and is theologically minded and understands that it is God, through His Spirit and His Word, that changes people. 


Ray has served in many different staff positions--lead pastor, associate pastor, discipleship pastor, and children & student pastor. As a result, Ray has a deep and broad understanding of what it takes to lead a church that is spiritually healthy and effective in growing both qualitatively and quantitatively. Put another way, Ray understands the two essential purposes of the church--to reach the lost and disciple fellow believers. He also possesses practical insight to the many important leadership principles including crafting a compelling vision, developing a ministry strategy, leading change, managing conflict, equipping the saints, leading the staff, managing the budget and many other important fundamentals of leading and guiding a church. 

-Brad Waggoner, Executive Vice President of Church Answers


THE EZEKIEL GROUP was born out of a desire to help churches "live again."  It is estimated that 65-90% of churches are in need of some kind of revitalization and that 7,000-8,000 churches close their doors every year!  That number is staggering!

Ray Johnson, the founder of The Ezekiel Group, has over 35 years of full time ministry experience and has a heart for the local church.  He is a certified consultant, having completed his certification through the Church Consultation University led by Dr. Thom Rainer.  He, along with those who work with him, want to help pastors and leaders find "life" again!


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