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Have you ever wondered what book or ministry would help?  Listed below are some resources that I as a pastor coach would recommend to you, your leadership, and your church grow or find new life again.

Anatomy of a Revived Church by Thom Rainer   *(I am available to teach a seminar on this)

Autopsy of a Deceased Church by Thom Rainer

Simple Church by Thom Rainer

Mission Creep by Larry Osborne

Sticky Teams by Larry Osborne

The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman

The Preacher and Prayer by E.M. Bounds

Pray the Word for Your Church by Tiece King

Embracing Obscurity by Anonymous

I Survived a Church Coup and Saw the Goodness of God by Ray A. Johnson

Moving On: Surviving the Grief of Forced Termination by Deanna Harrison

Recommended Resource/Help


SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts)--Ray is a certified facilitator

GRIEFSHARE--Ray regularly leads GriefShare classes in his community and surrounding area

Samples of Ray Teaching Online and In Person for a Church
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